The Phoenix Series: Blue Ruin (Chapter Three: The GateKeeper)

Day three of the countdown!

This snippet is from Chapter Three: The GateKeeper. Here, we meet Liam Winston, the GateKeeper of the worlds, the man who protects the worlds, yet could so easily destroy them. The fate of others relies on his survival. Sometimes, survival means killing another. In this chapter, Liam Winston seeks solace in a church for the sins he has committed. 


After a blessing, Liam left the confessional and walked through the vast church to a statue. He lit a candle and knelt at the feet of Elise, Protector of Souls. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small blade. The sharp edge pressed hard against his finger where he sliced the skin open. Drop by drop, his poisoned blood fed the hungry flame of the candle.

Mystics believed sins were like parasites, something that could feed off of their magic and make them ill or evil. Like any disease, they needed to rid themselves of it. They needed a cure. Offering blood to the Gods was their way of purifying themselves and asking for forgiveness only a God could give. Sometimes the Gods listened. Sometimes the Gods let them bleed.


Blue Ruin is the first novel in The Phoenix Series. The Phoenix Series is a dark fantasy with gothic, noire, paranormal, and supernatural elements.

“A hunter and the hunted, Maura Leroux is one of the last of her kind with a dark past that has haunted her. With black magical beings having been hunted for centuries, she’s come to learn a thing or two about survival. But Adrian Wilhelm, a notorious Vampire, threatens to destroy Maura’s newfound life as a detective in the magical world of Mystics. Adrian intends to use Maura as a means of resurrecting the fallen world of black magical beings, Abysm. Maura has made it her mission to stop Adrian while covering her tracks from those that have been seeking her out for centuries.”

Blue Ruin is now available for pre-order as an e-book. Pre-order The Phoenix Series: Blue Ruin — set to release on February 29, 2016.



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      1. I know! It’s an awesome amazing feeling. Just don’t pay any attention to haters, they are just noise in the wind.

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