The Phoenix Series: Blue Ruin (Chapter Eleven: Blue Ruin)

Day eleven! 

Today, we look at Chapter Eleven: Blue Ruin. After Maura meets Liam Winston, the last GateKeeper, he asks her out on a date to discuss matters Maura would rather ignore. Like who she is.


Maura paced around her dorm room, dagger in hand. She flipped it within her grasp, tossing it and catching it over and over again. With the flick of her wrist, she flung the dagger at the wall where it lodged into the growing hole she’d created from the last fifteen shots. Most women fiddled with their hair, applied and reapplied their make-up, spent time choosing which lingerie to wear and which shirt showed more cleavage. They aimed to get into bed. Maura aimed to make it out alive. Unable to know what to expect, she had no reason to trust Liam other than his family name. Winston. After others had discovered the family’s powers, they’d become as hunted as her.

She dislodged the blade from the wall and hooked it on her ankle. A twinge in her gut said he’d ask questions. Questions that would damn her if answered. The night could go two ways. She hoped he wasn’t stubborn, insistent that she answer to his curiosity. She didn’t want to polish her blades again so soon. 


Blue Ruin is the first novel in The Phoenix Series. The Phoenix Series is a dark fantasy with gothic, noire, paranormal, and supernatural elements.

“A hunter and the hunted, Maura Leroux is one of the last of her kind with a dark past that has haunted her. With black magical beings having been hunted for centuries, she’s come to learn a thing or two about survival. But Adrian Wilhelm, a notorious Vampire, threatens to destroy Maura’s newfound life as a detective in the magical world of Mystics. Adrian intends to use Maura as a means of resurrecting the fallen world of black magical beings, Abysm. Maura has made it her mission to stop Adrian while covering her tracks from those that have been seeking her out for centuries.”

Blue Ruin is now available. The Phoenix Series: Blue Ruin.



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