The Phoenix Series: Blue Ruin (Chapter Thirteen: Drinks and Death) 

Day thirteen! 

Today, we look at Chapter Thirteen: Drinks and Death. Maura and Liam continue their date at a local bar, where Maura runs into Julian Wilhem. Sent by Heidi to watch Maura, he looks to will her into submission using his Allure — a spell that can swoon even the most resilient. 


Julian’s smile spread to show his fangs again. He leaned close. Chest to chest, his intoxicating breath threatened to override her control. His heart thumped to the beat of hers, vibrating their chests. The sensation sent pleasurable shivers down her spine. Her toes curled. His fingers glided over the curve of her waist. The Void writhed in ecstasy at his toxic touch. His lips hovered at the nape of her neck.

Julian dominated her empty mind with fantasies. Strewn clothes covered marble floors. Red silk sheets and a king-sized canopy bed housed their bodies. Legs tangled, mouths kissed, and sighs of ecstasy fogged windows. Blood streamed from two fang marks on her neck while Julian drew his tongue down her center.


Blue Ruin is the first novel in The Phoenix Series. The Phoenix Series is a dark fantasy with gothic, noire, paranormal, and supernatural elements.

“A hunter and the hunted, Maura Leroux is one of the last of her kind with a dark past that has haunted her. With black magical beings having been hunted for centuries, she’s come to learn a thing or two about survival. But Adrian Wilhelm, a notorious Vampire, threatens to destroy Maura’s newfound life as a detective in the magical world of Mystics. Adrian intends to use Maura as a means of resurrecting the fallen world of black magical beings, Abysm. Maura has made it her mission to stop Adrian while covering her tracks from those that have been seeking her out for centuries.”

Blue Ruin is now available. The Phoenix Series: Blue Ruin.



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