Weekly Question: Favorite Scene

Unless I have a topic that I really want to talk about, or have an announcement to make, my weekly posts (typically on Friday) will be geared toward questions I receive here and on my other social media platforms.

The week’s question: Describe your favorite scene in your book (Blue Ruin) and tell us why it’s your favorite.  

I can’t tell you my absolute favorite scene, because it will ruin the ending of the book. But I’ll tell you my second favorite scene, told from the POV of the antagonist’s estranged younger brother, Claus.

Claus Wilhelm, Adrian’s youngest brother, left the family hundreds of years ago to live with their father in the mountains, while their mother sought to claim Abysm (the world of black magical beings) as her own. Throughout the years, Claus has remained aware of the events that followed his mother’s demise, and found refuge in London after his father’s passing. For years, Adrian looked to rekindle the relationship between his brother, if only to gain his help in obtaining the power his mother had failed to claim. Adrian’s requests go ignored, until he freezes Claus’ bank accounts, sends Vampires to chase him from his home, and leaves him no other option but to return home.

Claus is apprehensive about seeing his brothers again, and looks for every opportunity to leave while there. Except, Adrian has countered every reason for Claus to go, with every reason to stay. Evrene, a long-ago love affair, is there waiting for Claus. Julian, the middle brother, has yet to return home from a night out with Maura Leroux — Adrian’s target. Claus battles the temptation Evrene exudes and tries not to mind the idea that his brother is missing. Bribed by Adrian, Claus agrees to find Julian, as long as Adrian allowed him to leave after.

I enjoyed writing this scene because it showed the backstage dynamics that pulled the plot along. Writing from Claus’ POV allowed me to explore the mind of someone who was associated to the situation (Adrian hunting Maura) by blood. While he was disconnected from the events, he was still affected by them and had to make a decision — whether to help his brother, or side with Maura. To write a character who was torn between blood and the right thing to do, was interesting. Adding a sexual tease, like Evrene, into the mix, only deepened the dynamics between the two brothers.

Now, it’s your turn to share your favorite scene!


Blue Ruin is Book One in The Phoenix Series. Blue Ruin is a New Adult, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Gothic novel. It is now available for purchase in the Kindle Store. 

“A hunter and the hunted, Maura Leroux is one of the last of her kind with a dark past that has haunted her. With black magical beings having been hunted for centuries, she’s come to learn a thing or two about survival. But Adrian Wilhelm, a notorious Vampire, threatens to destroy Maura’s newfound life as a detective in the magical world of Mystics. Adrian intends to use Maura as a means of resurrecting the fallen world of black magical beings, Abysm. Maura has made it her mission to stop Adrian while covering her tracks from those that have been seeking her out for centuries.”



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