About the Author

I’m not one to share things about myself, but part of the fun of reading is knowing the mind behind the story.

I’m a young writer of dark fantasy. By young, I mean I’m in my early twenties. I’ve been writing since I can remember and haven’t stopped. Dark fantasy is my cozy niche. I’ve dabbled in other genres, especially when younger and trying to find my place, but now it’s nearly impossible for me to write anything but. A simple scene involving a drive down a road suddenly morphs into a nightmare filled with the undead, magical creatures, and my characters’ worst fears. See my problem?

In the real world, I’m not Sophia Madison. If I become famous maybe then I’ll share my real name. By night (and my days off) I’m Sophia. By day, I’m a full-time student in my last semester of college and an RN. I have a loving family, three cats, and a relatively normal life in comparison to what I write.

Feel free to ask me any questions you’d like.

I have several platforms that you can connect with me on:

Twitter: @sophiatmadison

Facebook: Sophia Madison (Author)

Goodreads: (pending until published)

Scribophile (you need an account to few my profile): Sophia Madison

Follow, share, like, and I’ll be sure to do the same!


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